Matt Roy ‘Wildflower’ EP Review

Rising artist Matt Roy has released his EP entitled Wildflower. Roy has recently collaborated with artists like Chris Janson and Ashley Cooke, and the hit singer-songwriter is continuing to elevate his career with the release of his debut project where he lends his voice to the words he writes instead of the other way around.

The first song on the EP, “Easy to Find,” was released as Roy’s debut single in November of 2021. This lively song expresses how finding such a special lover is difficult. With admiration-filled lines like, “You’re a solid gold needle in the haystack / You’re as pure as a summer rain / God must’ve known what He was doing when He sent you my way,” Roy knows that letting this lover go would be a mistake.

The next song, “Morning in New Orleans,” paints a much different side to relationships. After spending the previous night drinking in the bars, able to forget his past lover, he now remembers the pain of the breakup. As Roy sings the lines, “I was the king of the French Quarter, every bar on every corner / And you were the last thing upon my mind last night, but now its morning in New Orleans,” he comes to the realization that his heart still aches.

“That Town That Truck That Song,” another single from the EP, complements the themes of the previous song with more focus on the good memories from a past relationship. Roy remains hopeful that while he tries to “come back every now and then, catch up with some long lost friends,” he will see his beloved again “but it never happens.”

Roy showcases his fascinating songwriting abilities with “When You Lose Someone.” The lyrics throughout the soft-spoken yet compelling ballad are beyond relatable. With words like, “You find out how fast your car will go and how much sleep you really need / What whiskey can and cannot do / You find out what those songs mean,” Roy conveys deep sorrow that many can understand.

The title track “Wildflower” ends the EP and is another cute love song depicting the bliss of adoration. The calming acoustic guitar throughout complements the captivating lyrics “I wanna be your sunny day and your spring shower/ ‘Cause you’re my wildflower.”

Roy’s expert songwriting skills, combined with his captivating melodies, make Wildflower so enjoyable to listeners.

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