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Matt Stell Speaks on Latest Single “Boyfriend Season” and Working with Tenille Arts and

Country singer Matt Stell’s breakout hit was the profoundly moving “Prayed For You;” the song was number one for two weeks and became the only debut single of 2019 to top the country chart. Despite the success of the obvious love song, If you go to the “About” section on Stell’s website, there’s a quote that reads “And if he’s being totally honest with himself, he’s never been one to love a love song.” To that, he states, “I mean there’s a lot of unbelievable love songs but to my ear, when I listen to music, even when I’m happy my songs are still sad. I love that; I love that heaviness to it.” 

Stell blames his inclination towards darker soundscapes on growing up in the ‘90s. “It was a lot of that alternative music and then country music has always been pretty emo if you really think about it,” he tells The Nash News. His most recent single, “Boyfriend Season” sort of plays on the idea that Stell doesn’t adore love songs.

“When you break up with someone, there’s always some loose ends,” he exclaims. “I wrote it with some of my good friends here in town and we all kind of took from our experiences and wrote this song about this guy that felt like, you know, that maybe he got the short end of the stick.” Those good friends he co-wrote it with include Seth Ennis, Geoff Warburton, and Zach Abend.“Breakup Season” encapsulates everything a pop-country earworm should be. The lyrics are easily relatable with subtle sass and underlying anger. The standout chorus strikes with an immediately stuck-in-your-head melody as he sings, “So just tell your friends it ain’t boyfriend season / And this summer is your brand new start / Tell ‘em everything happens for a reason / So you don’t have to own this broken heart.”