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Matthew Wayne "Reckless " Song Review

Emerging singer-songwriter Matthew Wayne has released his new song titled "Reckless." Since May 2022, Matthew has released six singles and gained over half a million streams across streaming platforms. "Reckless" aims to further his momentum.

Wayne knew he wanted a career in music ever since he saw the movie, That Thing You Do. The film inspired his passion for learning several instruments including the drums and piano. As he has embarked on making his dreams a reality, Wayne has already seen success. He has worked with the likes of Joey Fatone from *NSYNC as well as the group Boyz II Men. Wayne will soon be featured at Whiskey Jam in Nashville and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

"Reckless" has the ability to pull listeners in from the first note. There is a steady tempo with a melody to match making it an easy tune to listen to. A commercial aspect lies within the song as well, which aligns perfectly with radio and streaming.

This track is about a failed attempt at getting over a breakup. Instead of going out and having a good time, there is a sense of longing for wanting that person back. The excitement and passion when mixed with alcohol can make for plenty of risky decisions. Wayne sings about all of those feelings exclaiming, "But the blue in your eyes / I might get a little reckless tonight / Start throwing them whiskey shots back