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Maura Streppa 'Singer and the Song' EP Review

New artist Maura Streppa released her debut EP titled Singer and the Song on Friday, May 20th. The Chicago native proves that she has what it takes to be among Nashville's brightest hopefuls.

Streppa knew from a young age that music was going to be her future. She would write, sing, and perform for anyone who would listen. When the musician's family moved to North Carolina, she directed her emotions to her writing. At the age of 18, Streppa got the chance to open for Jimmie Allen at the Carolina Country Music Festival. It wasn't too long after that formative experience that Streppa made the move to music city.

The title track "Singer and the Song" showcases her singer-songwriter sound the most clearly. it's a clever song about how some people are the performer while others are the subject of their material. "For every Johnny Cash, there's a Johnny on the street / For every Dolly Parton there must be a Jolene." It's a point of view that is rarely seen in today's music landscape.

"Line Dance" was released prior to the EP's release. It's country to a T with the guitar riffs and melod