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Megan Moroney "Lucky" Song Review

Megan Moroney released her new single “Lucky” today on all platforms; this is ahead of her debut album of the same title. Moroney already revealed her next single “Girl In The Mirror” will come out on April 14th ahead of the album release on May 5th.

“Lucky” is the perfect title track. It sounds like the epitome of country music. The instrumentation in the song is reminiscent of an old-school country tune. From the riff that leads into the tune to the rockabilly drums that take over from the guitar, “Lucky" feels like the perfect song to dance to at a bar.

One of the most interesting choices is the echoes in the background. There’s a call-and-response happening between the lead vocals and the backgrounds. For example, in the second verse, Moroney sings, “Best friend said / ‘Meg, you're diving off another deep end’," and then Moroney’s speaking voice responds with, “Maybe I am." This adds a lot of character to the tune and helps establish the carefree mood.

The vocals in "Lucky" are also a stand-out. Moroney has a very effortless sound when she sings. This style contrasts with the instrumentation of the song, which drives the tra