Mickey Guyton “Remember Her Name” Song Review

Mickey Guyton has never been afraid to touch upon serious issues in her music. “Black Like Me,” which earned the country singer her first GRAMMY nomination, discusses the injustices Black people face in this country. Her song “What Are You Gonna Tell Her” revolves around the lack of representation of women in country music. Her most recent single and title track for her upcoming album set to be released in September, “Remember Her Name,” is another steadfast call to action to stay strong in hard times. On Instagram, Guyton shared, “I instantly knew this song would be the title track for the new album. Everything just fell into place. This song is a challenge, that even when you’re at your lowest, to remember the fire, the shine, and the strength that you have within yourself.”

The song starts off with a modest instrumental. The thing audiences are called to focus on is Guyton’s voice and the honest story about a fearless woman who becomes the main character of the narrative. In the first verse Guyton exclaims, “Birds on a wire all fly away / Nobody wanna stand in a hurricane / When everyone else walks away / She’ll still remain.” When the chorus arrives, the song builds with poise as it asserts it’s strong message.

Even though the lyrics are written for women everywhere using third person pronouns, the lyrics written by Guyton, Blake Hubbard, Jarrod Ingram, and Parker Welling, seem to capture Guyton’s own story as a current trailblazer in the country music genre. Over the course of an amazing year, Guyton has been faced with cruel words as a minority in the scene, yet she braves on. She has performed at the GRAMMY Awards, hosted the Academy of Country Music Awards, and is preparing for her debut, feull-length album in September.

Mickey Guyton 'Remember Her Name'

The most powerful part of the track comes in the bridge when she sings, “Where did you lose the girl with no fear? Oh, she never left / Take a good look in the mirror / Don’t let yourself forget.” Guyton then goes on to show off her range in a stunning set of vocal runs and belts that only add more convincing passion to the words she’s singing. “Remember Her Name” sounds like the feeling of being resilient in a storm, and there’s no one better to covey that message of empowerment then Guyton herself.

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