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Mickey Guyton "Somethin' Bout You" Song Review

Mickey Guyton surprised her fans with a new song that is just in time for the winding down of summer. "Somethin' Bout You" will continue to rise Guyton above the rest of the pack.

Guyton is a singer that uses her voice in more ways than one. Often calling for more inclusion and diversity in country music, she is paving the way for change in Nashville. Her most recent album Remember Her Name, was released in 2021 to critical acclaim. Guyton shared on Instagram, "This summer I took the time to unplug, focus on new music, and to really enjoy what life is all about." Time will tell to see when she will release even more of what she has been working on.

"Somethin' Bout You" was written by Guyton, Tyler Hubbard, and David Garcia. Hubbard, of course, is an artist in his own right and Garcia has worked in the past with artists like Carrie Underwood. The overall vibe of this track is fun and light-hearted. With just one listen, it's hard not to fall in love with its infectious sound.