Midland “Sunrise Tells The Story” Song Review

Midland’s grammy-nominated trio Cam Duddy, Mark Wystrach, and Jess Carson love to pay homage to country classics with their honky-tonk hardcore country sound. Formed in 2016 in Dripping Springs, Texas, Midland is all about emotional gusto no matter what kind of country song they’re belting out.

Rising from a bar band to headlining sold-out tours, Midland will now show off their first brand-new songs in two years with the release of their 5-track EP The Last Resort on July 16th. A sure-to-be-hit on that EP is the song “Sunrise Tells The Story” recently released on July 2nd, 2021.

If you’re looking for that retro country sound that’s been dormant for too long, look no further than “Sunrise Tells The Story.” This slow-paced ballad pays tribute to the beauty of unexpected bliss that happens at night but only feels real in the morning. 

Midland The Sunrise Tells The Story

“The moon saw it all through a thin piece of glass and the stars must have blushed when you kissed me like that. We can’t hide the evidence, it’s scattered everywhere in all its naked glory. The night knows the truth, the sunrise tells the story.”

Country crooning doesn’t get better than Midland’s vocals on this track that uncover an evolution to their sound to match their newfound aesthetic. Midland’s breath-taking talent is center-stage with clean vocals, beautiful story-telling lyrics, and a soothing, pure country sound that makes you feel like everything’s going to be alright.

The listener is left with a fun cliff-hanger as we hope—along with the storyteller—that their one-night stand turns into more.

“Is it a book or a chapter, a few words on a page? Don’t know where it’s going, I just want you to stay.”

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