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Midland ‘The Last Resort’ EP Review

Midland released their latest EP “The Last Resort” on Friday, July 16. Comprised of Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy, and Mark Wystrach, these guys are known for bringing the southwest sound to country music. The band also announced a tour under the EP’s title and will be performing around the country this fall.

Drawing from inspirations such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson, Midland takes audiences back in time to the golden age of country music. Songs that sound like they could be played under neon lights in Reno or Santa Fe, this Texas-based group found success with number one hit “Drinkin’ Problems” in 2017. “Burn Out” was another song of theirs that climbed the charts. Midland has proven once again with this EP they have the staying power.

It could be seen as a bold move to open an EP with a heartbreak ballad, but Midland pulls it off with “And Then Some.” Even though the lyrics lead to longing, it’s a great song to slow dance to. “And my heart starts to think that I don’t miss you, but I still miss you and then some.”


“Two To Two Step” is a track that brings the high energy Midland loves to give their fans. The beat alone is enough to make any live crowd excited. A song with a similar appeal is “Adios Cowboy”, perfect for rolling the windows down. The instrumental elements, especially the guitar, provide the familiar sound found in Midland’s music.