Miranda Lambert “Am I Right or Amarillo” Song Review

The most recent release from The Marfa Tapes, listen to “Am I Right or Amarillo” by Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall.

In 2016, country songstress Miranda Lambert released the song “Tin Man;” which would go on to become one of her biggest hits. The song was written by herself and fellow singer-songwriters Jack Ingram and Jon Randall. It was recently announced that the three would collaborate on a full studio album called The Marfa Tapes set to release at the beginning of May. The album itself was recorded in Marfa, Texas and in an Instagram caption shared by all three they stated, “We wanted you to feel like you were right there with us, sitting around the campfire, escaping the world, disappearing into the music.” The first release for the album was a reworked version of “Tin Man,” that was stripped back and acoustic. “Am I Right or Amarillo” was the second release to prepare listeners for the upcoming album made up of 15 tracks.

Listening to “Am I Right or Amarillo” is an intimate experience. The three musicians kept their promises as this country folk song does sound like sitting around a campfire while watching the sunset as the air gets colder. There is no over the top production on this song; it is just an acoustic guitar with their voices singing over it. With headphones on, it sounds like they’re singing this while sitting in your room with you which is a rare feeling when listening to music. 

Am I Right or Amarillo

Because of the stripped-down nature of the song, the vocals become the focal point, especially in the chorus that asks a despairing question “Am I crazy? I don’t know / You just might be too / Am I right or Amarillo? / Am I wrong for lovin’ you.” John Ingram takes the lead singing the melody of the song while Lambert and Randall harmonize with one another. The three part harmony is done exceptionally well and Lambert’s voice is a perfect fit for theirs. 

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