Miranda Lambert “They’ve Closed Down the Honky Tonks” Song Review

Well-known, award-winning, country artist, Miranda Lambert released a new song today titled, “They ‘ve Closed Down the Honky Tonks”. This song strays away from her famous feisty feel, to show a more vulnerable side of Miranda, featuring her and just six strings.

She opens up to let listeners into the softer side of her soul where country lives and thrives. With a Nashville songwriter feel, this single makes you envision Miss Miranda sitting on a stool, in a moody, dark bar, belting out the words to this song with a single spotlight on her. Her voice rings out over the acoustic guitar naming off what there is to be missed with the loss of The Honky Tonks; “No two stepping shuffles, no shiny belt buckles.”  The lyrics reflect what society went through as Covid-19 raged on long and strong, making many if not all bars, cork their bottles, and lock their doors for what, at the time, seemed like an eternity.

The full scene plays out like a movie in your head; “They’ve mopped all the floors, locked all the doors, and turned out the lights.” Lambert’s twang is heard loud and proud almost as a bitter reminisce of the past year, as she sings the words, “Now my world ain’t turning”. The emotion she draws through her voice and the lyrics reflect how every Nashvillian and country music fan felt when downtown Nashville got shut down. Try to hold back those tears as you sing along and remember that society is moving forward. The Honky Tonks are thriving. They’re more than just surviving. Miranda Lambert and her strength will make sure, with this song, that it’ll be quite some time before they close down the Honky Tonks again.

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