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Misty Dawn "Bartender" Song Review

Misty Dawn has released an energetic track that shows her personality as well as her artistry. "Bartender" takes on a different perspective than meets the eye, and fans who haven't listened to Dawn before are in for a treat.

It should come as no surprise that Dawn has a background in theatre and television. In her music, there is a great sense of storytelling that could be found in scripted material. The intrigue of high-drama in country music loves stories such as these. The Texas native is largely inspired by artists like Reba McEntire and Shania Twain who have pushed the female, country experience forward. It's easy to feel these inspirations in every song of Dawn's.

"Bartender" exposes Dawn's natural vocal ability. Her voice is soulful and a little sultry, making the song come to life. There is also a rock and roll edge to the track that makes it stand out in the country genre. The lyrics come from Dawn's own experience in the bar scene in Fort Worth. "My lips are red / Don't let that make you lose your head / I'm doing fine here on my own / Don't need no one to take me home." The track gives way to strength and independence, something that Dawn hopes everyone can feel.

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