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Misty Dawn "Why Put A Man" Song Review

Newcomer Misty Dawn has released her new single "Why Put A Man." This song is of high-drama and intrigue, a perfect embodiment of country music's storytelling roots.

Dawn has declared her particular sound as "show country," a nod to her Texas and theatrical roots. In truth, she isn't afraid to take the reigns in a unique direction. She embraces classic country like Patsy Cline and manages to incorporate sounds reminiscent of The Chicks and Kacey Musgraves. Dawn's songs often exude a feminist attitude, something that's always refreshing in country music. She is gearing up to release a new album titled Tarantula, so this new track will tease what fans can expect.

"I wanted this song to capture that feeling after you've ended something, where the emptiness is so palatable that it feels like it will consume you. When you don't understand why something so good had to end, even if you subconsciously know it wasn't right for you," shared Dawn in a press release. On this tune, Dawn's voice has a haunting and mystical quality. A song to try and help numb the pain of heartbreak is prevalent in this genre, but it doesn't take much to see how Dawn's entry feels different. Life has a funny way of working out, and this singer's lyrics aim to get everyone get through it.

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