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Mitchell Tenpenny "Always Something With You" Song Review

Mitchell Tenpenny continues to prove he's an artist to watch with the release of "Always Something With You." The high-energy track showcases even more of his talent that will delight fans.

Tenpenny's unique vocals have earned him a spot on several emerging artist lists. He is a Nashville native with the music business being in his blood. The singer is the grandson of Donna Hilley, a famed publishing executive. He began songwriting at an early age and knew all along it was his future. His debut single as a signed artist "Drunk Me" introduced him to the world. He won adoration for his EP Midtown Diaries, and his single "Truth About You" became a charting hit.

"Always Something With You" has an easy-going quality to its sound, even though the rhythm is set at a faster pace. There is an essence of pop country on this track unlike some of his other songs. Even with a slightly different style, the song still has Tenpenny written all over it.

The song is essentially about being obsessed with someone. Tenpenny sings about what it feels like to be so consumed by someone; that it's ha