Mitchell Tenpenny Chats About His Latest EP and What's To Come

Mitchell Tenpenny is an artist on the rise. It's hard not to hear his current single "Truth About You" on the radio. We sat down with Tenpenny to catch-up on where he's at now.

The singer brought the best energy in honor of being The Nash News' first in-person interview since the pandemic. Tenpenny was performing on Long Island as part of Chris Young's tour. This summer, he will be joining Luke Bryan on the road. "We are so excited. We've done the Farm Tour with Luke Bryan, Crash My Playa, and this is our first time actually being on tour with him. His crew is awesome, he's so awesome, and his fans are the best," shared Tenpenny.

Tenpenny released the EP Midtown Diaries in 2021, and just recently released another EP titled The Low Light Sessions. He shared to us that the pandemic allowed him to take a step back and be able to write about experiencing everyday life that he might've otherwise missed. "We just weren't living life. There came a period I just wasn't inspired," said Tenpenny. Believe it or not, the singer-songwriter found a resurgence of inspiration through TikTok. The new platform and audience gave him a new perspective by the time he was ready to get back into the studio.

The Low Light Sessions gave fan a deeper look into Tenpenny as an artist. All of life's changes influenced the subject matter he wanted to write and sing about. "I just wanted one of those somber records about the songwriting. Not that one of them couldn't be a single, but I wasn't trying to go in and write a single for radio. I wanted to write something that made you feel, made it feel cinematic," Tenpenny explained.