Mitchell Tenpenny ‘Midtown Diaries’ EP Review

After Riser House/Columbia Nashville artist Mitchell Tenpenny released his debut single “Drunk Me” in 2018, he amassed tons of fans and saw his name climbing up the country charts. Since then the singer/songwriter has upped his game lyrically, sonically, and has set new standards for breakout success in country music.

Today, Friday, September 10th, Tenpenny released his Midtown Diaries EP he expressed how he is filled with excitement for fans to hear it and eager to see their reactions to it. The project consists of eight songs all co-written by Tenpenny and was produced alongside Jordan Schmidt. “We’ve waited a very long time to bring our fans a new collection of music. I’m so pumped with their enthusiasm each time we release a new song. Their feedback is priceless and it lets us know exactly how we are doing and feeds my creativity.”

Midtown Diaries features three songs that were previously released and loved by fans. The opening track “To Us It Did”, the fourth track “Bucket List”, and the fifth track which became the largest streaming debut of his career accumulating 2.5 million streams in its first three days of its release “Truth About You.”

You know immediately when the song you’re listening to is by Tenpenny because of his husky one-of-a-kind voice and his clever way with words. The second and third tracks on the project, titled “Good Thing” and “I Can’t Love You Anymore”, are both sweet love serenades. The songs are filled with such simple lyrics, yet only he has the talent to piece the words together and make it sound the way it does. The lyrics of “Good Thing” define exactly what should be present in a relationship. “You’re like a rock when the waves come / And you’re like the moon when the days done / You are everything I need / It’s a good thing you love me, a good thing you care / A good thing you trust me when I’m not there / It’s a good thing you hold me when I hold you / Even when you shouldn’t baby you still do.”

Every track on the EP proves that Tenpenny knows exactly what it takes to be a star in the music industry. “Girls Love” showcases that he also knows exactly what it takes to be a star in a girl’s sky. For any guy looking for good advice, this song is can be a great resource. Not only does anything the singer/songwriter produces become a fan favorite, but also a fan survival guide. His heartfelt and powerful storytelling compares to no other.

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