Mitchell Tenpenny 'The Low Light Sessions' EP Review

Today, April 15th, 2022 marks the release of Mitchell Tenpenny’s newest project titled The Low Light Sessions EP. With co-writing credits on all eight of the tracks, this collection is soothing to the ears and soul.

These songs have been held close to Tenpenny in his personal music vault. The project shows a transition from where Tenpenny was several years ago to who he has grown into present day. The only track that's excluded from that narrative is the love song,“The Way You Are,” which was written about his now fiancé Meghan Patrick.

This project is nothing short of easy on the ears. Collectively the tracks have full instrumentation with space where Tenpenny’s smooth vocals sit perfectly. Some tracks are ironically upbeat with somber lyrics such as “I Know Something She Don’t Know” and “My Next Sad Song." With the lines “too good to be true yet I ignored it” and “you were writing my next sad song” the audience is left thinking but also experiencing Tenpenny’s optimistic twist on the pain he must have been feeling at the time of creating these tracks.

He covers a wide variety of topics which stir up the mind such as “Dear Jesus” and “Don’t Make Me Choose." Tenpenny hits his audience with the big, sad song named “I Can’t Get Another You,” as well as an upbeat track titled “Mama Raised the Hell Out of Me."

The EP encompasses a variation of topics with each song flowing seamlessly into the next. Tenpenny’s soothing voice and well written lyrics make this collection something all its own while setting the perfect mood to be listened to in low lights, alone with your large feelings.

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