Mitchell Tenpenny “Truth About You” Song Review

Talented singer-songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He learned the ins and outs of the country music business growing up in Music City as the grandson of the first female CEO of Sony/ATV Music. Tenpenny also earned a music business degree from Middle Tennessee State University. Tenpenny’s business-savvy combined with his talent as a country music artist was the perfect recipe for the success he has seen with songs like his platinum-certified 2018 mega-hit “Drunk Me.” Tenpenny released a treat for his ever-growing fanbase on July 9th with a new song titled “Truth About You.”

This slow track paints a familiar picture of the unfortunate “he-said-she-said” that sometimes follows a break-up. The lyrics are an attempt to thwart further drama by requesting a cease-fire of her lies in exchange for his silence regarding the truth about her.

“Yeah, there’s two sides to every breakup, one’s a lie and one’s the truth. One of ‘em went down and one was made up but in the end, we both lose. Why can’t we meet in the middle, call a truce? If you quit telling lies about me, I won’t tell the truth about you.”

Mitchell Tenpenny Truth About You

In the end, this song points just enough to the truth that the listener is already privy to what actually went down.

“Yeah, you told your friends, you told your mama that I’m the root of all the drama but we both know why this ended. Girl, I caught you red-handed.”

This song must have been cathartic to write and will certainly help a lot of people who can relate. Breaking up is hard enough without gossip being spread around and it can be difficult to rise above it. Tenpenny passionately delivers clean, soft vocals that suit the vulnerable lamentation of betrayal and shattered intimacy. 

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