Modern Country Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, here is a list of some modern country love songs for you and your loved one to groove along to.

1. “Speechless” by Dan and Shay

This song is a staple slow dance song, especially for weddings. Its storybook lyrics are beautiful and vivid as the duo sings, “It’s always on a night like tonight / I thank God you can read my mind / ‘Cause when you look at me with those eyes / I’m speechless.” Grab your partner, sing along, and don’t forget to dance to this classic Valentine’s Day song.

2. “One Man Band” by Old Dominion

This hit isn’t your typical love song. It is about a performer finding love and fulfilling his life on the road with his partner. The lyrics are beautifully written: “I wanna run down your wild dreams / And I wanna chase every high with you / Count every rip in these old jeans / We’ll never learn how to sing the blues/ If I’m gonna be famous / Girl, I wanna be famous with you / We got our own little groove.”

3. “Big, Big Plans” by Chris Lane

Originally written by ERNEST, “Big, Big Plans” is a song written for Chris Lane’s wife, Lauren. According to a Facebook Watch interview with ERNEST, he and Lane made the song specific to Lane’s feelings for Lauren. A few weeks later, Lane proposed to Lauren with the hit. “It was just super special,” ERNEST claims. If you want to see the rest of this interview and listen to ERNEST’s cover, you can watch it here.

4. “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs

Luke Combs wrote “Beautiful Crazy” for his wife, Nicole Hocking. A lot of the lyrics pay homage to her, including the standout lines, “She makes plans for the weekend / Can’t wait to go out / Till she changes her mind / And says, ‘Let’s stay on the couch and watch TV / And she falls asleep.” This is another hit that is perfect for slow dancing on Valentine’s Day.

5. “Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves

“Golden Hour” feels like a warm summer love. It is harder to find newer love songs written by women, but Kacey Musgraves paves the way. Though not as popular as her other songs, this one perfectly describes what being in love feels like as she exclaims, “Baby, don’t you know / That you’re my golden hour / The color of my sky / You set my world on fire / And I know, I know everything’s gonna be alright.”

6.“Blessings” by Florida Georgia Line

“Blessings” will go down in history as a classic love song years from now. This hit is not just about love, but also about how everyone has something that is a blessing to them. For Florida Georgia Line, this song is about how they count their blessings every single day. Whether your blessing is love or not, this song is a remembrance to be thankful for what you have.

7.“The Good Ones” by Gabby Barrett

This hit won the title of Favorite Country Song at the 2021 American Music Awards. “The Good Ones” basically describes the perfect man with lyrics stating, “He’s a phone call to his parents / He’s a Bible by the bed / He’s the t-shirt that I’m wearin’ / He’s the song stuck in my head / He’s solid and he’s steady / Like the Allegheny runs / He knows just where he’s goin’ / And he’s proud of where he’s from.” This hit is inspired by her husband, Cade Foehner. The two met competing on season 16 of American Idol and have been inseparable since.

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