Morgan Evans “Love Is Real” Song Review

Australia native and country singer-songwriter Morgan Evans always does an exceptional job at enchanting the hearts of his fans when creating new music. In the release of his first new song in almost a year and a half, “Love Is Real”, out everywhere today June 25th, Evans continues to capture hearts with his upbeat vibes, soothing vocals, and charming lyrics. This highly-anticipated new single has the power to bring love to life, even for the ones who haven’t met their person yet.

This song is perfect for those who glory in typical, heartfelt country love songs. The type that makes you want to spend every moment with your lover right by your side and serve as their constant reminder that the love you share is real. Those nightly summer drives we have all been awaiting, with the windows down and that special person in the seat next to you will now be even more memorable and enjoyable as Evans sings such profound lyrics, which leaves you no choice but to have the volume all the way up and the song on repeat. “Love Is Real” lyrically expresses the relationship everyone hopes for and works towards having one day.

“Yeah they can call us crazy, but that ain’t going to stop me from calling you baby / so c’mon lets drive, your hand in mine, oh baby we will go till we run out of road and the rust runs out these wheels.”

Morgan Evans Love Is Real

As you listen to this new masterpiece, it is evident that Evans enjoys creating songs that fans can feel an emotional connection to. The message he so effortlessly conveys throughout this track is a breath of fresh air and an eye-opener to anyone listening. You know you have found the right person if they fit into these lyrics!

“You and your pretty voice sang along changed the way I heard, the way I feel, the way I see”

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