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Morgan Evans ‘The Country And The Coast Side A’ EP Review

There’s room for more than just one Aussie in country music, and Morgan Evans is dedicated to proving that throughout his career. His sophomore project, The Country And The Coast Side A is his first since his album Things That We Drink To in 2018. Evans kicked off his career after winning a songwriting competition in 2007, releasing his debut EP Big Skies at the age of 22. In just fourteen years in his career as a country music singer/songwriter, Evans has gone on to sign a major label deal, release award-winning albums with gold-selling singles, and marry his American country-star wife, Kelsea Ballerini.

The six-track album kicks off with “Love Is Real”, which is also remixed as the last track. The song has already climbed charts on both Apple Music and Spotify as his first single for the album. Written by himself with the help of Jordan Reynolds and Parker Welling, Evans’ classic country accent shows through his clever lyricism that seems to have a personal touch to it.

“Soon as ‘It’s Your Love’ came on / I felt every word / Hearin’ your pretty voice sing along changed the way I heard / The way I feel / The Way I see / Honestly made me believe / That I could drive / Your hand in mine / Oh baby we’ll go till we run outta road / And the rust runs out these wheels / The way I feel / I know I always will / I am yours / You are mine / Love is real”

“Country Outta My Girl” gets even more personal knowing Evans’ wife is country music star, Kelsea Ballerini. With her own success in the industry, Evans commemorates her with a song full of Nashville mentions such as “Singin’ George Strait down Fifth Avenue”, “Honky tonk angel on a rooftop bar”, and “She takes Tennessee all ‘round the world”. With these references and more, Evans’ makes it known that his girl is just as, if not more country than him, and he’s proud of it.