Morgan Johnston “Pity Party” Song Review

Singer-songwriter Morgan Johnston has solidified herself as someone to watch as an up-and-comer in Nashville’s country music scene. Her most recent track “Pity Party” is about unabashedly self-indulging in one’s own despair.

On Instagram, she told her fans and followers, “It felt so good to not take myself so seriously on this one,” she states. “Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the stress, deadlines, numbers and pressure of making this happen. But this one feels like a huge wint to me simply because I had a freaking blast making this with my friends.”

The song begins with a gritty bassline as Johnston sings with an attitude about trying to get over a breakup; her emotion in the song is undeniably spunky with a flare of fun and a tinge of outrage. The witty lyrics, written by Johnston along with Lydia Dall and Lydia Vaughan, capture listeners attention in the verses by describing elements of the post-breakup: A simple apology that she never received, taking shots, kissing strangers, the sad songs she can’t seem to stop listening to, and forgetting about her reputation. The story is relatable and the instrumental’s upbeat nature, amplified by the drums when the chorus hits, makes it exciting to listen to. This song is a breakup anthem, meant to be screamed with your friends, forgetting about the worries of the world.

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At the end of each chorus she asserts, “I’m gonna get drunk, go out and end up crying on my own shoulder. I’ll get my shit together when my pity party’s over.” She then makes a quick reference to an iconic Lesley Gore track in the catchy hook by singing, “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, as long as I want to, as long as I want you.” She knows she’s bound to get over it, but right now she wants to revel in her overbearing emotions by drinking and dancing with glimmering confetti falling around her.

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