Morgan Wade Discusses ‘Reckless (Deluxe Edition)’ and the Power of Vulnerability

Long story short, 2021 was Morgan Wade’s year. With her debut effort, Reckless, she scored mighty critical acclaim. Her single, “Wilder Days,” which is currently making an impact at country radio stations across the country, was named one of the best songs of the year by publications like Rolling Stone and TIME Magazine. With the release of Reckless (Deluxe Edition), Wade is extending her introductory era with six more tracks brimming with authenticity.

What strikes listeners when listening to Wade, both musically and conversationally, is how she speaks with an open heart on her sleeve. Wade doesn’t shy away from her struggles with sobriety and past relationships. Her tune “Don’t Cry,” which can be interpreted in a variety of ways, radiates as an emotional pep talk to oneself when the weight of the world is crashing down on your shoulders. On the other end of the spectrum, she laughs while telling a story about finding her band on Craiglist. Wade is a notable outcast in the country music scene and that’s why she’s in a lane of her own.

The new additions to Reckless only strengthen Wade’s relationship with her vulnerable songwriting prowess, as well as with listeners who find ultimate comfort in her honesty. “I always get a little nervous,” she tells The Nash News. “To have all these people come forward and be like ‘Hey, I can’t stop listening to your music it’s helping me so much,’ you know, it reminds me to continue to push that envelope and to continue to be a little uncomfortable and put that stuff out there because if I’m not helping other people through my music, if I’m not doing my part, then I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do.”

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“Run,” the leading track for the deluxe version, has a dreamy, lush soundscape, sonically different from the grit that clings onto the other Reckless tracks. Wade explains how the song was inspired by the rising cases of domestic violence that were transpiring due to people being stuck inside due to the Coronavirus pandemic. She penned “Run” with frequent collaborator and producer Sadler Vaden over Skype. “He was on the same page that I was,” she explains. “It was just a song about longing to be somewhere else when you can’t be. That’s one of my favorites off the deluxe.”

A decent portion of the lyrics on Reckless were written solely by Wade herself. Three out of the five original entries on the deluxe edition were solo writes including “Through You Eyes,” which was written about her younger siblings, and “Carry Me Home,” a song she wrote before getting sober and dealing with the mistakes she made. “Up until I met Sadler a few years ago, I had only written by myself,” she tells us. “I’m not always with other people. I can’t always meet up with other people to write, but I always have myself. So that’s something that’s very therapeutic for me. That just comes so natural to me and I write something every day whether I use it or not.”

For the rest of 2022, Wade is opening for Ryan Hurd on select dates of his ‘Tour De Pelago’ and for Luke Combs on his stadium tour this summer. She also hints at working towards the next LP stating, “I think that as long as I continue to write about the moments that I’m in, I’m not gonna have any issue with record number two being just as authentic as Reckless and Reckless Deluxe.”

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