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Morgan Wade “Run” Song Review

Morgan Wade’s debut album Reckless was an incredible debut offering; her songwriting and emotional vocal performances on each track would make one think she’s a seasoned professional who’s been around for ages. With the success of Reckless that continued through 2021, Wade officially announced a deluxe version of the LP on social media that will be available on Friday, January 8th. Before the official release, Wade gave fans a taste with the release of the new track, “Run.”

Wade introduced the song on Instagram stating, “I have a new one out today and I have a feeling y’all will be able to relate in one way or another.”  “Run” feels reminiscent of other numbers on Reckless due to its dreamy and airy soundscape that other songs like “Take Me Away” and “Northern Air” have.

“Run” details the desperation about wanting to get away with a new distraction. From the very first few lines, Wade’s descriptive storytelling sets up the track to play out like a vivid movie. She sings, “Bloodshot eyes on a balcony / A bottle of whiskey and his hands all over me / I was looking for the fire escape / You showed up without a second to waste / What if we run? What if we get away? / There ain’t a single reason for us to stay.”

Morgan Wade