Morgan Wallen "Don't Think Jesus" Song Review

Some may raise eyebrows and some may give a reassuring nod to Morgan Wallen’s latest single, “Don’t Think Jesus” released on Friday, April 15th, 2022.

A serious and introspective ballad that takes listener’s through an unnamed boy's thoughts on life and what Jesus would have to say about his actions. Wallen yearns and searches for meaning himself as he sings the lyrics from the chorus. “If I was Him I'd say, 'To hell with you, ain't no helping you' / Find someone else to give Heaven to, / I'm telling you I'd shame me, I'd blame me / I'd make me pay for my mistakes / Oh, but I don't think Jesus does it that way.”

Throughout the song, listeners follow the main character's introspective thoughts as he lives a unique story as a young country star on the road; a life with ups and downs that many can't understand. Wallen puts emphasis on the slow and deep moments of his vocals to capture the audience in a state of seclusion, grasping for truth.

Lyrically, the song puts a spin on the idea of what the world and general public would think of specific actions compared to Jesus. For example, this is shown in the moving lines, “World likes to rear back and throw a few stones / So boy wants to throw a few stones of his own / But Lord knows I ain't perfect, and it ain't my place / And I don't think Jesus done it that way.”

"Don't Think Jesus" is Wallen’s only new solo music in 2022, and his latest since his album Dangerous: The Double Album in 2021. The new track gives fans a vulnerable insight into Wallen and his feelings over the past year.

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