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Morgan Wallen Releases Three New Songs

Morgan Wallen sure knows how to keep fans on their toes. It was only yesterday that the singer announced a new tour for 2023, and that he will be releasing three new tracks: "Tennessee Fan," "One Thing At A Time," and "Days That End In Why." Now, those songs are available everywhere.

"Tennessee Fan" is an ode to his home state, as well as his favorite football team. A known Tennessee Vols fan, Wallen delivered a song that will surely be played at University of Tennessee events to come. It has a nostalgic tone as Wallen sings about having a girl choose orange over red. "Joke's on Alabama, they lost big this time / I got the number one pick, blonde hair, red lips / Brought her over to the other side."

"One Thing At A Time" was co-written by friend and fellow artist ERNEST. This song has a more upbeat feel to it. The tempo sounds quite like "Livin' The Dream" from his Dangerous album. This track is about being swept up by someone, only to realize they might be the best for you. "I'm only quitin' one thing at a time / I know I got me some problems / And a thousand memories I gotta forget / But if I'm gonna solve them, baby / I'll take all the help I can get."

"Days That End In Why" takes elements often found in Wallen's music: whiskey and the need to mend a broken heart. He exclaims, "It's been nights that start with whiskey / Snd days that end in why." As "Whiskey Glasses" has a double meaning, so does this track. The "why" sounds like he is singing about the days that end in "y," but he actually phrases it in the form of a question. It alludes that he may never get the answers to his questions. If these new releases are a taste of what is to come from his next album, fans won't be disappointed.

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