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Morgan Wallen Releases Three New Songs "Last Night," "I Wrote The Book," and "Everything I Love."

Morgan Wallen loves to keep his fans on their toes. The "You Proof" singer has released three new songs after announcing his third record, One Thing At A Time, which will be available on March 3rd. "Last Night," "I Wrote The Book," and "Everything I Love" showcases what fans can look forward to on the upcoming album.

"Last Night" signifies what it's like to be in a passionate relationship. The back-and-forth between two people when alcohol is involved can lead to disaster, or it can ignite something more intense. This is a theme prevalent in past Wallen songs, but this track feels fresh and even more contemporary: "Last night we let the liquor talk / I can't remember everything we said but we said it all / You told me that you wish I was somebody you never met."

"I Wrote The Book" is a song that Wallen has previously teased on social media. He always seems to draw back on the simple way of life he grew up around. On this track, Wallen professes and owns up to his wild side. While others can try, Wallen has been there and done that. The lyrics reference the Bible, as Wallen acknowledges that it's one book he certainly didn't write. "But there's one that lays by the lamp on the nightstand / One that says don't cuss and don't fight." The new track is surprisingly reflective.

"Everything I Love" feels like the more down-home country tracks that he has released recently. He sings about what happens when a breakup ruins memories once shared. It can be hard to look at or do anything one used to do with someone who is o longer around.