Morgan Wallen Sits Down with Michael Strahan on GMA

In his first interview since February, Morgan Wallen sat down with Michael Strahan this morning, July 23rd, at 7 AM on Good Morning America. Wallen, well dressed in a suit jacket spoke with Strahan about the scandal that rocked his world and the country community back in January just weeks after his double album, Dangerous hit the market. Wallen was apologetic, explaining that the way he used the racial slur was playful, and not at all meant in a derogatory way. Strahan explained the history of the word and why it is so hurtful to hear as a black man.

“I went and checked myself into rehab, for 30 days I spent time out in San Diego,” Wallen said. Just days after the news broke, fans started to stream and purchase his album, increasing sales by 500%. Wallen explained that they did some number crunching and realized that the extra money he was bringing in, should be donated. Ultimately, Wallen donated $500,000 to BMAC – Black Music Action Coalition.

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