Muscadine Bloodline ‘Dispatch to 16th Ave’ Album Review

Country duo Muscadine Bloodline has released their sophomore album entitled Dispatch to 16th Ave. The incredibly written album is a compelling narrative featuring themes of love, cheating, and Southern pride.

The first song on the album, “Dispatch to 16th Ave.”, instantly draws in the listener with the metaphor of a “murder on Music Row,” detailing the experience of how often musicians are pulled away from creating works that they enjoy. Its commentary on the music industry is something that many artists can relate to.

“My Side of Town” is a slower song about heartbreak. The ex-lover took so much from the singer and keeps showing off her new love, and the singer does not want to see that. The ending of this piece leads into “Dead On Arrival.” The storytelling in this song is reminiscent of “Dispatch to 16th Ave.” Charlie Muncaster lets some of the grit in his voice shine through, and Gary Stanton’s guitar licks fit this striking tale about cheating.

Muscadine Bloodline

The next song on the album, “Hung Up On You” has a double meaning. The first is that the singer quite literally hung up on his lover but keeps trying to call her back. As a result, he cannot get over her without closure.

The key change at the end of “Hung Up On You” leads right into “Southern,” a mellow tune about growing up in the South. The sweet sentiment behind the lyrics “it’s more than just magnolias and a slower pace of living” is a delightful way to positively reflect on one’s identity.

“The Toll” is another heartache song, although it is much more tender than “My Side of Town.” The energy and liveliness of “Dyin’ For a Livin’” makes the listener want to join in on the singing. The carefree attitude of this song is contagious and is quite different from “No, Pedal Steel.” The pedal steel guitar, accompanied by lyrics like “misery loves company,” sets a somber mood and evokes an image of feeling lonely after a breakup.

The album ends on a nostalgic note with “Down In Alabama.” Considering that Muncaster and Stanton grew up in Alabama, it is no surprise that their description of their home is filled with warmth and joy.

Muscadine Bloodline’s masterful storytelling and incredible musicianship makes Dispatch to 16th Ave. a great album that is relatable to a vast audience.

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