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Muscadine Bloodline "Evinrudin'" Song Review

The duo known as Muscadine Bloodline released their new song "Evinrudin'" and it is sure to be a viral hit. Members Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton know exactly how to give their audience what they want.

Muncaster and Stanton bring their unapologetically southern style to country music. The pair even derived their band's name from Muscadine grapes that grow in the south. They added "bloodline" to their name to show how they honor their roots and heritage. Their current single "Me On You" has introduced them to new fans, while it has deepened the love from their existing base.

"Evinrudin'" is certainly going to make waves. It brings the thunder and stomp that so many love about country music. Its sound incorporates feel-good energy with the country-rock element found in southern music. The duo expertly finds a bridge between old-school country and what is popular today.

The track details a day spend on the Alabama river, surely a favorite past-time for the pair. While the title might sound unconventional, many can connect with cruising on a boat during the summer days. "That thing was toppin' out at twenty-five,