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Muscadine Bloodline “No, Pedal Steel” Song Review

Known for their most popular song “Porch Swing Angel,” Muscadine Bloodline is at it again with their new single “No, Pedal Steel.” This slow groove, which was released today, January 14th, 2022, was written by Gary Stanton, Charles Muncaster, Adam Hood, and Brent Cobb.

The intro pulls listeners right in with that familiar 1-2-3 of a waltz. Without wasting any time, the warm, raspy tones of Stanton’s vocals fill the space in the song telling a story of how the no pedal steel guitar soothes his wounds, “No pedal steel / I don’t wanna feel as lonely as I do now / ‘Cause I’d lose my mind in three-quarter time, high on that lonesome sound / Now that she’s gone, I’ve lived ‘em all. I’ll burn that old jukebox down cause your melody makes her memory so real / No pedal steel.”

The production enhances the lyrics and songwriting beautifully especially with the track being written in a ¾ time signature but also with the steel guitar acting so prominent. It would almost seem disgraceful to have any less steel seeing as how the tune is literally about the twangy, sorrowful instrument. “No, Pedal Steel” will have the audience waltzing between bittersweet reminisce and sadness all while experiencing emotion with the steel guitar and welcoming vocals.

Just like listening to an old friend while swinging on a familiar porch swing, this song will bring listeners right back to the rawest version of themselves. A reflection of the stripped-down feeling with nothing to show other than the genuine emotions that come from the soul of a “No, Pedal Steel” guitar.

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