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Nate Barnes “Sing It Again” Song Review

Just in time for summer, country singer-songwriter, Nate Barnes, released not one, but two, upbeat summer tracks. His new and captivating focus track, “Sing It Again” and B-Side, “Wheels Go Round” provides us with two completely different stories that effortlessly transform into the perfect summertime anthems for any occasion. Nate Barnes hails from Michigan himself and spends his career making intimate music surrounding his family, work, love, and life.

Barnes begins “Sing It Again” by setting up the perfect summer night scene we’re all familiar with lines like, “Streak of moonlight on the water / Got a fire built on the sand / Sitting around it telling stories with all my friends." The song touches on that reminiscence and nostalgia surrounding childhood memories, their innocence of them, and how they linger and replicate throughout adulthood.

Barnes tells his own personal story that inspired the song in a press release stating, “Some of my best childhood memories are of me and my granddad, cousins and everyone going to Simpson Lake back home in Michigan and fishing. That was a big deal for us as kids and it really brought us together as a family. When I first heard ‘Sing It Again,’ it made me relive those memor