Nate Smith “Whiskey On You” Song Review

The last six months have been exactly what Nate Smith needed and deserved. After returning to music after a devastating fire took everything he had in 2018, he is continuing to climb to new heights. The grit and passion exuded through his music have created a loyal fanbase that anticipates every release more than before. His 2021 single, “I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven,” grew his presence on TikTok, where over 65 thousand videos have been made to the tune of the track, “Whiskey On You,” which he teased just two months ago. Due to the rising traction, Smith set an official release date.

“Whiskey On You” is a turn-up-the-volume breakup track. Unlike his soulful chorus in his previous release, this gritty, rock ‘n’ roll drinking song truly shows just how talented and eclectic the California native is.

The song is about reflecting after a “happily never after all,” feeling like you’ve wasted too much trying to figure it out and not letting another teardrop water down your glass of whiskey.

Each verse warms up to the powerful chorus with a raw and crisp rasp of Smith’s vocals.

The last run of the chorus completes the anthem with the electric guitar solo that showcases his Nirvana-inspired jagged edge.

The lyrics act like a powerful promise to oneself as he states, “Ain’t gonna waste one more night missin,' wantin’ you back / No I ain’t gonna cry another tear in this glass / You didn’t waste any time finding somebody new / So I ain’t gonna waste another drop of whiskey on you / No I ain’t.”

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