Nicolle Galyon "boy crazy" Song Review

"am I crazy or is something kind of messed up with the way we, never call the boy crazy"

Continuing to reveal tracks from her forthcoming, debut solo project, Nicolle Galyon takes listeners on a truth telling ride with "boy crazy".

Playing on the popular term boy crazy - she flips the script here, questioning the very foundation of our society and the difference between how boys and girls are treated. Laced over a simple string melody and written with Kelsea Ballerini and Hillary Lindsey - the song chronicles the common reasons a woman is called crazy.

"I hate to tell you the way of the world, by now it just doesn't phase me, that's just the difference between boys and in girls, we never call the boy, crazy"

From late nights, getting into fights, getting drunk to gaining a few pounds and pushing 30 without settling down - each of these occurrences have become a normalized way of life for men, while women face a stigma.

boy crazy Nicolle Galyon