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Nicolle Galyon Brings 'firstborn' to Life

Leading up to her headlining solo show at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grammy Award-winning songwriter Nicolle Galyon shared on her Instagram Stories, "I am not a performer. I am a creator and a storyteller and I'm very proud of the story I've lived and the story I've written. And I felt the story wasn't complete if I didn't tell it face to face at least one time."

Within Galyon's songwriting, which can continuously be found at the top of the mainstream country music charts whether audiences know it or not, there's always been a sense of vulnerability even as she helped tell other people's stories instead of her own. Performing her debut record firstborn in front of a live audience helped pull her gift of writing to the forefront, but this time telling her own narrative.

Galyon sang the 11-track project from top to bottom, beginning with "winner:" a track that immediately catches listeners off guard with the brutal lines, "I lost my dad at three / Along with half my family tree / And I lost my virginity / Later than everybody / And still wasn't ready." Wearing a brown pantsuit that featured an oversized blazer, Galyon sang the words with slowing confidence as the song grew and grew. Her vocals were delicate and sweet as she began her story.

After performing "sunflower," Galyon