Niko Moon "Easy Tonight" Song Review

Nico Moon, also known as Nicholas Cowan, is a country-pop singer-songwriter whose written for artists like Zac Brown Band, Morgan Wallen, and Rascal Flatts. It has only been within the past two years that Moon has created and written music to sing himself, but within that time, he's already scored his first No. 1 on the Billboard Country Chart with "Good Time."

He has just released his newest track,“Easy Tonight,” that he's been teasing for over a month on his social media platforms via Sony Music Entertainment, which acts as his first release since his 2021 LP.

“Easy Tonight” is a feel-good anthem that came just in time for summer. Moon begins the song with a spoken ad lib that is sure to make listeners smile. He says, "Man, I love this place. Let me tell you 'bout it" before he begins singing. His raspy tone paired with clear Bob Marley inspirations give his song a mellow, yet uplifting vibe. The beat is one that is bound to get stuck in audiences heads all day, but in the best way possible.

The lyricism imagines an exemplary summer night as he states, “It’s going down easy tonight / Ain’t it good when it all feels right / ‘Tween this drink in my hand / And some real good friends / It’s going down easy tonight." This ideal country-pop song radiates sunbeams of positivity perfect for the hotter weather approaching.

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