Niko Moon “Good Time” Album Review

Rising star Niko Moon released his debut album Good Time on Friday, August 27. After making waves with hit songs “Good Time” and “No Sad Songs,” Moon is finally letting his fans hear his complete body of work.

Moon, who grew up in a small town in Georgia, enjoys making music that represents what he grew up around. Banjos, soul, and some hip-hop-inspired his curiosity for music. His father was a drummer who had a love of old cars. Some of Moon’s favorite memories are driving around in his father’s car and listening to whatever genre was played. Now, Moon is busy creating his own music for people to listen to while they drive around.

“Drunk Over You” should be a great radio contender. While the lyrics and melody are no doubt country, the hip-hop track gives the song a fresh feel. Since Moon’s style is based upon incorporating elements from pop and hip-hop into a unique country sound, this record leaves no shortage of base hitting songs.

Good Time is an album perfectly suited for the end of summer. Feel-good songs are at the heart of this project, and his cover of Travis Tritt’s “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive” embodies that and closes out the project. Another song with that similar vibe is “Paradise To Me.” Moon sings about his greatest pleasures that many could relate to.

Niko Moon

There are acoustic stand-outs on this project as well. “Without Saying A Word” is meaningful track about everything he learned from his father. “It’s what you do, not what you say, learn to bend and you’ll never break, keep your word, finish what you start, fall in love with a woman’s heart.” “Dance With Me” is a sweet love song that adds even more depth to the album.

“Let It Ride” sounds like it should be blared on a boat or with the windows rolled down, which are great signs it’s a good country song. Even when there are elements from other genres, Moon proves that he’s country at the core of every track. “Good Time” is exactly that, a simply good time no matter what else is going on around you.

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