Niko Moon “Small Town State of Mind” Song Review

Texas native, Singer/ Songwriter, Niko Moon released his new single today, July 16th, 2021, titled “Small Town State of Mind”. It’s not hard to let Moon’s warm, raspy voice whisk you away from reality. He quickly grabs your attention with a rhythmic guitar riff that leaves the perfect amount of space for the relatable lyrics.

Moon will take you far away from any city and back to your hometown. Not only does he take you back, but he plops you right down where you always want to be; With “good friends and a bottle of shine”. With the interlocking percussion and guitar, you’ll find yourself bobbing along involuntarily to this track. The upbeat, bouncy instrumentation and percussion fit satisfyingly snug together, laying down a foundation that is hard not to get caught up in. Moon will have you hanging onto every line with a new image for an all too familiar scene.

Niko Moon

The lyrics “It’s a simple life and I just can’t get enough of that small-town state of mind”, solidifying just how great a small town really can be. Moon’s lyrics snatch you up between your past and future. Whether you’re reminiscing or daydreaming, this song fits whatever story you want it to tell. Add together Moon’s welcoming voice, the vivid detailed lyrics, and the impossible-not-to-dance-to production and you get a song that not only gets the party started but everybody will know the words to. Even if you’re missing home, this track will allow you to go right back, ready to get down in a “Small Town State of Mind”.

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