Noah Schnacky “Don’t You Wanna Know” Feat. Jimmie Allen Song Review

Big Machine Records country music singer Noah Schnacky delighted his huge fan base in 2020 with the release of his first self-titled EP. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and raised in Orlando, Florida, Schnacky is popular for his many talents as a singer, actor, and content creator on YouTube and now, TikTok.

Country music fans have been eagerly anticipating today’s release of Schnacky’s latest song “Don’t You Wanna Know” featuring critically-acclaimed rising country star, Jimmie Allen.

Talk about a talent-filled country music collaboration on this new catchy tune.

Schnacky currently lives in Los Angeles, California but his heart clearly belongs to the country. “Don’t You Wanna Know,” is an ode to Southern living with a pop-country vibe and R&B influences. Storytelling lyrics about the joys of small-town living sell the country life to a “west coast gone east coast” girl.

Jimmie Allen Noah Schnacky

“Once you get a taste you can never get enough, it’s a better kind of life so baby trust.”

The beat is undeniably catchy and Schnacky and Allen’s voices complement each other to perfection. The question “Don’t You Wanna Know,” is answered with a myriad of unique examples of why getting a bit muddy and adventurous in the country will “feel right.”

“Let me take you fishin’ in the dark, ain’t no need for wishin’ on the stars, I know what you’re missin’. Let’s get some mud on the truck and get stuck ‘til the sun comes up.”

“Don’t You Wanna Know,” is sure to be a favorite country-pop summer song for cruising with the windows rolled down.

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