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Old Dominion featuring Megan Moroney "Can''t Break Up Now" Song Review

The award-winning group known as Old Dominion has teamed up with rising star Megan Moroney for a brand-new song. "Can't Break Up Now" effortlessly combines their styles of music while giving fans a new track to pour out their feelings to.

The band is currently riding high off of their most recent number-one song "Memory Lane." Their success has made them a staple in today's country music landscape. Teaming up with Moroney could not have come at a better time. The singer-songwriter from Georgia made waves with her song "Tennessee Orange," even though it was released while she was still an independent artist. Her debut album Lucky was released this past May to rave reviews. This new song will surely become a favorite among die-hard Old Dominion listeners and the growing legion of Moroney fans.

"Can't Break Up Now" is a back-and-forth between two people who make plenty of excuses why they should stay together, even if it might be a toxic situ