Old Dominion ‘Time, Tequila, and Therapy’ Album Review

Old Dominion released their highly anticipated new album on Friday, October 8. The reigning CMA and ACM Group of the Year prove they have more to give to their fans with their fourth LP.

Comprised of lead vocalist Matthew Ramsey, multi-instrumentalist Trevor Rosen, lead guitarist Brad Tursi, bassist Geoff Sprung, and drummer Whit Sellers, Old Dominion has garnered eight #1 songs and surpassed 1 billion streams. The band decided to take a new approach with this project by writing and recording the entire album during several weeks spent in Ashville, North Carolina. “I think it probably saved us as a band, honestly, it’s a perfect snapshot of who we are and who we were in that moment in Asheville,” said Ramsey. The singles released prior to the album coming out are “Hawaii,” “All I Know About Girls,” and current radio hit “I Was On A Boat That Day.”

Time, Tequila, and Therapy has an overall sound that’s mixed with good vibes and the truth, which is customary for the band. A theme of the album is about getting on with life no matter the circumstances. “No Hard Feelings” is one of those tracks about looking on the brighter side after a breakup and taking the high road  “I can honestly say I’m happy to see the happy back in your eyes, you found somebody, who painted your gray skies blue, do I wish it was me hell yeah, am I all the way over the pain, not yet, but I’m still breathing, and there’s no hard feelings.” Another song worth noting is “Don’t Forget Me” which is about accepting someone leaving but hoping to always remain in their memory.

“Walk On Whiskey” describes what happens when you realize the person you loved isn’t who you thought they were, and when the relationship is gone. “You used to think I could walk on whiskey, I used to think you hung up the neon moon, they used to call us the life of the party, but now the party’s over way too soon.” The melody and groove of the song make it a future single contender.

Love is in the air with the song “I Wanna Live In A House With You Forever.” The track has a happy-go-lucky sound that adds a contrast to the other songs about love gone wrong. “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With Love” on the other hand is a humorous take on wondering why love is working for everyone but yourself. “So if there ain’t nothing wrong with love, then it must be me.” Either way, the band gives fans several perspectives about love on this project.

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