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On The Verge: 3 New Country Releases from Indie Acts

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. “How We Say Goodbye” by Troy Cartwright

Singer-songwriter Troy Cartwright has followed up his heartfelt ballad “That’s Why” with the new track “How We Say Goodbye” on April 13th. Co-written with Lee Thomas Miller and Andrew DeRoberts, Cartwright told the story of the song’s origins on social media. He wrote, “It was somewhere in late fall of 2018 that I ran into Lee Thomas Miller at a CMA party. I specifically remembering telling Lee, ‘my wife said if I don’t put (this song) out I’m an idiot.’ I’m sorry it took me so long.” The track begins with steady percussion, a chorus of backing vocals, and a slight twang in the background. Cartwright’s vocals sound beautiful as he sings about a relationship that’s crumbling. “And you don’t say that you love me / I don’t say that I miss you / We don’t care about tomorrow / You just need me to kiss you / This ain’t just another find a little comfort on a lonely night / This ain’t a put it back together what you say we give it one more try / This is how we say goodbye.”

2. “Boy in Cowboy” by Sarahbeth Taite

Sarahbeth Taite, who recently competed on the latest season of American Idol, has released her latest single “Boy in Cowboy.” The track has an airy quality to it that will make you want to roll your windows down and enjoy the sunshine. Despite the song’s upbeat nature, Tatie sings about moving on from a relationship as she exclaims, “You put the boy in cowboy / You put the ride off into the sun / You ain’t restless, you’re just selfish / And you don’t ever wanna grow up / This ain’t a movie / You ain’t John Wayne / But this is the part where you watch me leave / You put the boy in cowboy / You ain’t the man for me, no.”

3. "You Can Have Him" by Jillian Steele

Singer-songwriter Jillian Steele's latest single is a quirky, sassy upbeat track about being happy your ex is gone. Written by Steele alongside Alex Mendoza, James Adam Shelley, and Michael August, the highlight of the tune is the clever rhyming in the lyricism. She sings, "You can have him / You can keep him / Tell everyone you stole my man / You can have him / Cause I'm leaving / You with everything that I can't stand / Like his shitty taste in music and his grandpa's benz / The cheap cologne he uses and his dirtbag friends / If you want the worst I've ever had then / You can have him."