On The Verge: Four New Country Music Releases

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. "Tequila for Two" by Lexie Hayden

Singer-songwriter Lexie Hayden has recently dropped her latest single, "Tequila for Two." Hayden, who was a writer on Priscilla Block's radio single "My Bar," wrote about the new track on her Instagram stating, "I hope this song makes you want to dance around your kitchen with a glass of tequila at midnight." The song glows with a swinging up and down beat that's perfect for spinning around the room alone in your thoughts. She sings lines of description like, "Chasing that high that I'd get / When I used to kiss / The lime off your lips / Every round, every sip / Gets me drowning in you / And this cold cuervo blue / Drunk again at this table for one / Drinking tequila for two."

2. "Better With A Broken Heart" Jillian Jacqueline ft. TJ Osborne

Independent artist Jillian Jacqueline teamed up with recent Grammy winner TJ Osborne for her newest track, "Better With A Broken Heart." The track precedes the release of Jacqueline's first full-length record Honestly that comes out in June. What stands out about the new song is how well Jacqueline and Osborne's voices mesh together in the dreamy, twangy choruses. The two sing, "Neon burned out with a few whiskeys down / And a sad song in a smoky bar / A long drive alone without anywhere to go / And the rain on the roof of this car / Some things go better with a broken heart." The imagery-soaked lyrics paint the perfect scene of someone mending a hurt soul.

3. "For Me" by Levi Hummon

On his social media, singer-songwriter Levi Hummon wrote about his new release "For Me" saying, "This song is different than any song I've ever released. It's honest, it hurts, it made me feel things when we wrote it that were uncomfortable and hard to say, but it's me." He wrote the piano-based country ballad alongside Jimmy Robbins and Trannie Anderson. Within the vulnerable lyrics, Hummon gets introspective and admits to his faults. He also aims to want to get better for his love interest and for himself. He exclaims, "For you, I'd be a deeper lover / A calmer son, a kinder brother / The one that I've been running from / That you see underneath / The fact that you don't wanna change me / Makes me wanna change for you / For me."

4. "Jim Jack or Jose" by Dani Taylor

On TikTok, Dani Taylor talked about her new track by admitting, "Every J name guy I dated ended in disaster. So I wrote a song about the J name curse." "Jim Jack or Jose" starts with a sassy guitar instrumental before Taylor's twangy vocals kick in. The song has a pulsing flare that makes it catchy right from the start. She sings, "Jacob called me crazy / He's the one who drove me there / I find it kinda funny 'cause he's the one who had the affair / Jesse thought he was a good guy / But good guys don't run away / He knew how to open up a tab but he didn't know how to pay." Taylor's witty lyrics are charming and her bold vocal performance makes this track fun to listen to.

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