On The Verge: Six New Country Releases

As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1.“is it just me?” by Alison Nichols

When introducing her debut single on social media, Alison Nichols stated, “Wrote a song full of the questions I wanted to ask the guy who ghosted me… but was too scared to.” Nichols, who describes herself as “half Korean, half redneck” has amassed over 30 thousand followers on TikTok and over 600 thousand total likes on the platform. “is it just me?” is her first official release and it showcases her relatable storytelling and powerful vocals. In the opening verse she sets the scene by saying, “Is it just me or are you bad at replyin? / Or gettin real good at lyin / Am I the only one trying to get to the heart of this? / Is it just me, did you forget all the good wine? / And watching Harry Potter all night? / Boy, that’s a lot a screen time / Is there something I missed.”

2. "Dirty Roses" by Dallas Remington

Written by Dallas Remington, Nancy Deckant, and Eric Mallon, Remington’s latest release, “Dirty Roses” is an unapologetic rocking jam. The guitars are muddy and parallel nicely to Remington’s earthly vocals. Her anger is so evidently performed in this track; it’s bound to get listeners wound up as she sings, “So don’t give me no dirty roses / Buddy your door is closin’ / They ain’t pretty enough, to ever cover up, the damage that you’ve done / There Ain’t no second chances / Say hello to your consequences / You been playing in the mud and everybody knows it / Don’t give me no dirty roses.”

3. “Best Worst Ex” by Julia Cole and Alexandra Kay

Two of the country genre’s biggest social media breakout stars have teamed up in their latest drop. Julia Cole and Alexandra Kay have collaborated on “Best Worst Ex.” In the lyrics, the two have a conversation about their craziest exes; it’s genius and funny in a relatable sense. The bounce back in forth in the verses as they exclaim, “My ex, hung the watch that I bought him on a tree branch and shot it with a rifle / My ex, said the preacher’s daughter, she was just a good friend and swore it on the Bible / Oh girl, nah, nah you can’t make this shit up.” The song has a pulsing guitar until it bursts in the chorus when the two sing together.

4. “11 Beers” by The Reklaws ft. Jake Owen

Following their TikTok smash hit “What The Truck” which became the fastest Canadian country song to be certified gold, country duo The Reklaws is back with another upbeat tune titled “11 Beers.” The brother-sister duo have teamed up with Big Loud recording artist Jake Owen for this party anthem. Stuart Walker of the duo said in a press release, “As soon as Jake sent this song over, we could already hear our fans singing it back to us on festival stages this summer, which is always the most important part. ‘11 Beers’ will have couples reminiscing on their first dates while tapping their toes to that four-on-the-floor beat - something not every Country song is able to do!” The track was written by some of country’s biggest hitmakers: Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy, Benjamin Johnson, and Hunter Phelps. Once you hear it, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.


5.“Blackwater Creek” by American Blonde

Country duo American Blonde’s latest track “Blackwater Creek” starts with an eerie instrumental that's reminiscent of The Civil Wars. When their voices come in, they harmonize with an ethereal depth. As their voices float and hover above the dark soundscape, there’s a haunting feeling that is emoted. The chorus goes, “When two reckless hearts collide / It’s so dangerous, it comes down to trust / But I don’t want no one to rescue me.” It ends with the line, “Watch us end in Blackwater Creek.”

6. “Still Got It” by Pierre Alexander

“Still Got It” begins with soft guitar strums. Pierre Alexander’s smooth, soft vocals come in to reminisce on a recently ended relationship. He recounts all of the things he still has like a house key and a framed picture of the two. Each chorus ends with the lines, “I want to move on / But my heart just can’t / Cause you still got it / And I know I won’t ever get it back again.” Despite the sadness captured in the story told, the instrumental creates a vicious earworm that is easily remembered.

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