Orvile Peck 'Bronco: Final Chapter' Review

The final installment of Orville Peck’s second album, Bronco, has been released, officially completing the album’s journey. Over the past few months, Peck has gradually released segments of Bronco, allowing fans to have time to take in the meaningful stories that he has woven into the songs. As discovered in the first two parts, Bronco is an album that centers around the idea of being set free.

The third part of Bronco establishes a theme of accepting the past to move onward in life – to begin anew. Peck fully opens in Bronco, embracing homoeroticism and exposing a raw and genuine side of himself. In this new narrative, he acknowledges this is a scary thing to do, but that it’s a necessary step in the healing process so that he may return to running wild and free like a bronco.

An iconic song from this release is the title track, “Bronco,” which features that freeing sensation that Peck had been teasing in previous works. The tune is an upbeat and electrifying composition that inspires the listener to get up and let it loose – embracing that sense of freedom. Even if you fall, it’s important to jump back up and keep riding on. “Nothing holds me back at all / Nothing left to fear,” Peck sings with justified pride.

“All I Can Say” finishes the album, featuring the signature themes of acceptance and moving on. Bria Salmena, a country and indie singer, joins Peck for this track as she features in the introduction and harmonizes alongside him. A drowsy guitar instrumental echoes throughout the song as the two artists swoon about accepting that it’s time to say goodbye to the past.

“And I, I know that this time tomorrow I gotta’ go / And I, I know that love don’t live here anymore.”

Bronco reads as an important moment for Peck to self-reflect and heal so that he could begin anew with his life. This unrestrained album offers an emotional reminder to be your authentic self, get things off your chest, and live free. Out of the hard times emerges a bolder and newer cowboy.

The remaining songs from the finalized production of Bronco are now streaming on all platforms. Those interested in seeing Peck perform live this year on tour can seek further information on his website.

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