Orville Peck Brings His 'Bronco Tour' to Phoenix, Arizona

Orville Peck kicked off his 'Bronco Tour' in Phoenix, Arizona, a fitting location for a cowboy to perform. It followed his recent showing at Coachella, where fans got to experience the first live performances of tracks from his record, Bronco. From the first listen of Peck’s sophomore album, listeners know it’s a wild, untamed body of work. As of just recently, Bronco has officially hit #1 on Billboard’s charts for Emerging Artists and Current Country Albums.

Teddy and the Rough Riders, a country-rock band from Nashville, opened the show for Peck. The bold cowboy himself then emerged onto the stage, dressed in a glamorous manner. He wore striped red and white pants, a shirt with roses featured across it, and a glittery cowboy hat that sparkled in the colorful stage lighting. And for those who may not be familiar with the cowboy star, Peck, of course, wore his signature mesh mask.

The evening’s setlist mostly came from Bronco, with the other songs coming from his previous album, Pony, and his EP, Show Pony. He started the performance with “Daytona Sand” on his prized guitar, a beautiful White Falcon ’59 Gretsch. A few songs into the show, Peck returned to one of his classics, “Queen of the Rodeo,” a song that was inspired by drag queens. He playfully noted the fun times that can take place at their shows and encouraged the audience to support the local drags here in the city.

Peck then switches gears (or would it be horses) by changing his guitar out for a piano. He plays into “Drive Me, Crazy,” “a song about truck drivers in love,” as he put it. The tune lustfully intertwines piano and steel guitar. After the Pony track, he turned to one from Bronco, “Let Me Drown,” a rather emotional song lyrically and instrumentally; therefore, fitting for a piano performance by Peck.

In the following tracks, Peck returns to the guitar and sings with his duet partner, Bria Salmena. She joins him for Bronco’s “All I Can Say,” and the country cross-over originally sung with Shania Twain, “Legends Never Die.” The latter is a memorable tune and has a brilliant melody between the two artists. “All I Can Say” offers a pleasant and slow decline that signifies the ending of Peck’s performance. As his listeners know, the lyrics admits it’s time to leave the past behind and move onward with life.

When he came to the song, "Hexie Mountains," Peck shared that it was his favorite track from the new LP. It’s a meaningful song that shares a story of depression and yearning to heal. With that emotional note from Peck, he then strums into it and sings soulfully.

The concluding song for his performance is the show's lead star, “Bronco.” As if jumping out of the gate and into the rodeo, Peck bolts into song, singing, “Bronco running wild, yeah baby, I'm on fire.” In a live setting, the music is amplified, making listeners feel the vibrations within their bodies. From drumbeats to guitar twangs and strums, the audience could physically experience his music. Most notable was his pronunciation of “bronco” as he growls the "R" sound and makes a listener feel his voice inside their chest.

Orville Peck’s 'Bronco Tour' is an emotionally deep and invigorating performance that will move his longtime fans and general audiences who may be tagging along. As witnessed solely from his recent showings, Peck is headed in a positive direction as he lets his bronco-like spirit run with freedom. Be sure to visit his website to stay informed of his upcoming tour

dates and locations.

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