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Orville Peck 'Bronco: Chapter 2' Review

The singer behind the fringed leather mask, Orville Peck, is back again for the part two release of his latest collection, Bronco. This part features four new songs and a music video to accompany one of the songs. These chapters all lead up to the official premiere of Bronco next month on April 8th . In his original press release, Peck passionately shared that Bronco “is all about being unrestrained…and ultimately emerging from a challenging personal time.” This album was composed with great emotion, and it is his most authentic set of music to date. Bronco features thrilling and captivating songs that dip into other genres such as bluegrass and psychedelic. Fans can get a taste of this new wave of music in his latest release.

Without a doubt, the highlight of this segment is Peck’s song “The Curse of the Blackened Eye,” which features a moving music video. The tune works with a dreamy-like guitar playing alongside a drumbeat and Peck’s signature baritone voice. It’s a slow song that centers around the past haunting the present. The music video further explores this, featuring actor Norman Reedus as the personified curse or trauma that haunts Peck. The song seemingly pertains to the thoughts and emotions that linger from past romantic relationships – a reoccurring theme for Peck’s music.

“Kalahari Down” draws in fans with a strong harmonica solo before Peck joins the tune. His band created an instrumental with an amalgam of stringed instruments such as the electric guitar and violin. Peck’s powerful melody and lyrics form an emotional performance that is sure to bring a tear to the eye. It’s a song about looking back at the years, all that has happened, and where Peck is now.