Parker Howard "Marfa Dive Bar" Song Review

Rising Texas country artist Parker Hower recently dropped her latest single, "Marfa Dive Bar." The track marks her first release of 2022 following a busy 2021 when she dropped four singles including "Without Him" which has surpassed over 100 thousand streams on Spotify alone.

"Marfa Dive Bar" is an acoustic ballad that had a perfectly suited stripped-down instrumental that forces listeners to come in close and listen to the story of heartbreak Howard is telling. It begins with heavy guitar strums but turns into quiet pulses against the six strings once the first verse starts.

The writing, done by Howard, Erin McCaffrey, and Sarah Morey is oozing with abstract, visible imagery. The song is the perfect blend of direct emotion and creatively crafted descriptions. Howard is honest and straightforward about her pain; she's heartbroken, but she describes it in a poetic way that can't help but be noticed by the audience.

In the verses, she reminisces on the two ex-lovebirds by zooming in on memories like dancing on old floorboards and carving their names in the corner booth where they always sat. In the somber yet catchy chorus, she reaches the climax of her emotions as she exudes desperation singing the lines, "Won't you come back to me / I'm all alone in this Lonestar state / Come back please / I know your cowboy soul just needed space / But we got land for miles / Out where the wild horses fun / I miss our Marfa dive bar love."

Howard is finding it hard to move on. The anguish in her voice and the pictures she paints with her words make it a chilling and relatable listening experience.

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