Parker McCollum ‘Gold Chain Cowboy’ Album Review

Parker McCollum released his highly anticipated debut album on Friday July 30. The singer-songwriter behind the massive 2020 hit “Pretty Heart” has been hailed by Rolling Stone as an Artist To Watch. On his first full body of work, McCollum proves he’s worthy of that title and many more to come.

McCollum released his Hollywood Gold EP last fall and it quickly became the top selling country debut EP of 2020. The proud Texan has also earned quite a reputation for being a force on the road. McCollum’s intimidating touring schedule speaks to his drive and love of performing. Besides “Pretty Heart,” previously heard songs on this album “To Be Loved By You” and “Rest of My Life” have been well received by fans and critics alike.

Gold Chain Cowboy is more than just an album title: it speaks to who McCollum is as an artist. Cowboys are known for being drifters who follow the beat of their own drum. That feeling can especially be found in tracks like “Drinkin’” and “Dallas.” “Dallas” features fellow singer Danielle Bradbery and the lyrics are quintessentially country. “If I don’t leave Dallas, well it hurts to know I’m not where you belong, what if I missed it, hurts so bad I can’t take it.”

McCollum’s sound and writing combines classic country with nostalgic rock. His work has been likened to the band Green Day, and the track “Falling Apart” evokes that. Miranda Lambert also shares writing credit on this up-tempo song. “Girl I knew you’d never call my bluff, the writing on the wall just wasn’t enough, you were falling in love and I was falling apart.” “Why Indiana” continues to show the heartfelt angst often found in his work.

Parker McCollum

The vulnerable side of McCollum’s writing can be found on the stand-out track “Heart Like Mine.” Simple yet honest lyrics are reminiscent of greats like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Sr. “I’m good at getting lost, but I’m bad at getting found, you’re flying in the sky, and I’m running on the ground, I ain’t no straight and narrow, but for you I walk the line, you got the only heart like mine.” Every song on this album lays the groundwork for who McCollum wants to be, and it will be exciting to see what more he can achieve.

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