Parmalee ‘For You’ Album Review

The multi-platinum selling band Parmalee released their new album For You on Friday, July 30th. This southern-rooted band has continued to push the boundaries of country music and redefine the genre. Comprised of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, cousin Barry Knox, and friend McSwain, Parmalee continues their ascend to industry heights.

Parmalee is only one of four groups since 2001 to earn three consecutive top 10 singles from a debut country album. “Just The Way” feat. Blanco Brown has been heating up airwaves for the last several months as it became a #1 hit. The massive success of that song has led fans to crave even more new music.

Fans have already had the opportunity to listen to two other songs on the album. “Take My Name” and “Greatest Hits” were shared leading up to the release. “Take My Name” is especially being loved by fans. “Never felt this before, Take my name and make it yours.”

“We feel most authentic and our best as a band when we feel like we’re having a conversation with the audience. That’s what we really narrowed in on for this album and leaned into what makes Parmalee sound like Parmalee—it’s all based on our connection to the fans,” said Matt Thomas in a press release.

There is no shortage of romantic anthems on For You. Lyrics about falling hard and fast are met with pop-sounding hooks often found in the music Parmalee releases. “Better With You” and “I See You” are songs that demonstrate the band knows what their fans like to hear. “Only You” starts off the album strong and provides lyrics for any couple. “Only you could ever know my scars, cause you’re the only one I’m telling, only you can make me fall this hard, take me all the way to heaven.”

Parmalee For You

Parmalee does an excellent job at making each song radio-ready. One of those songs is “Miss You Now.” A vulnerable track about realizing what you had when it’s too late. “If I had loved you then, like I miss you now, you wouldn’t be in his arms, all the way cross town.” Another song that would make a great radio choice is “I’ll Take The Chevy.” This up-tempo song has a guitar riff that anyone can jam out to.

The title track “For You” closes out the album. It’s a song that captures everything this album is about: love for that special person, and love for the fans. “For You is an album for the fans – the ones who have supported us for years and the ones we’re getting to know every day,” said the band.

Track Listing:

  1. “For You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson)

  2. “Just the Way” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe)

  3. “Backroad Girl” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Blake Bollinger, Brinley Addington)

  4. “Take My Name” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning, Ben Johnson)

  5. “I Do” – (Tyler Hubbard, Matt Thomas, Corey Crowder, David Fanning)

  6. “Miss You” – (Michael Tyler, Matthew McGinn, David Fanning)

  7. “Greatest Hits (feat. Fitz)” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe, Andrew Goldstein, Michael Fitzpatrick)

  8. “Better With You” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning)

  9. “Forget You – (feat. Avery Anna)” (Matt Thomas, Shane Minor, David Fanning, Thomas Archer)

  10. “Alone Like That” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, David Fanning, James McNair)

  11. “I See You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson, Steven McMorran)

  12. “I’ll Take The Chevy” – (Matt Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Zachary Kale, James McNair, Josh Mirenda)

  13. “For You”– (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, Josh McSwain, Scott Thomas, David Fanning)

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